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One Free Hot Box Yoga Session For Everyone! Limited Time So Don't Miss Out.


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Beyond Hot Yoga…HOTWORX is an innovative new fitness program based on the fusion of infrared heat and isometrics. The original HWX Hot Iso Workout combines the benefits of infrared sauna therapy and 14 isometric body postures in a sequence to give you the perfect 30-minute workout. HWX customers love the 30-minute workout as opposed to the traditional 60 or 90-minute hot yoga routine. Customers achieve even better results in 30-minutes of HWX due to the use of infrared heat and a temperature of 120-125 Fahrenheit. Typical hot yoga programs heat the studio with traditional hv/ac systems or with traditional space heaters that merely heat the air in the room. This traditional type of heat makes the air harder to breath. Infrared heat is much more comfortable and more readily absorbed by the body. Infrared heat waves penetrate the body rather than simply heating up air. The infrared heat environment is a more natural way to heat the body and to cause sweat for detoxification. Infrared enables a more efficient hot exercise method.

The Boring Rules New

  • One free Hot Box Yoga Session
  • Towel and mat rental not included
  • First time customers only
  • You must claim a deal code
  • Must schedule an appointment
  • Centerville 801-298-0772
  • Layton 801-823-0072
  • Not valid with any other offers, discounts or promotions
  • Not valid for cash back
  • Not valid for tax or gratuity

Deal Locations

  • 1290 East Hwy 193 Walmart Neighborhood Shopping Center
    Layton, Utah 84040
  • 330 North Market Place Drive Unit B-900
    Centerville, Utah 84014